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Do you feel your air conditioning unit is not working as efficiently as it did before?

Do you feel the air coming out of it is not pure and clean?

Maybe it is time you need to replace your air conditioner filters.

The air conditioning system is one of those things you notice in an instant when it is not working properly. It is important to have regular maintenance of the air conditioning system of your house to avoid reaching the impasse of it not working. It is also very important to keep the internal parts of the air conditioner in good working condition and more necessarily, clean. The most basic of these is replacing your air filter.

Keeping your air filter clean or replacing it when needed will save you a lot of time and money spent on the repairing of the system if things get worse. Follow this three step guide to replacing your air filters and keep them in an excellent working condition for increasing the effectiveness of your air conditioning system.


1.    Locate The Air Filter

The first step of the process is locating where the filter is in your house. It can be behind the main vent. Once you have located the filter, it is time to remove it. For safety purpose, make sure you turn the air conditioning unit off before you remove the filter.


2.    Identify The Filter Type In Your Air Conditioner

Before you go off to buy the replacement, make sure you determine the dimensions and the type of filter. It can either be a fiber glass filter resembling a large frame with a window screen. This is the old kind and need to be replaced each month.

Your air conditioning unit might have a pleated filter. It is an inch wide and is rectangular. It needs to be replaced every three months. A media filter, on the other hand, can last up to a year and is about four times wider than the pleated filter.


3.    Install The Filter

Once you have bought the right filter for your air conditioning unit, you need to slide it back into place. An arrow sign will guide you on which way to put in first. Once placed in the right area, don’t forget putting back the filter cap and refastening the grate.

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