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Plumbers in Memphis, TN are used to seeing all kinds of plumbing problems!

There are a number of different kinds of plumbing problems that people in Memphis face. According to research, every home calls a plumber once in three years. However, on an average, a visit from the plumber is much more frequent than this. Let us look at the 5 most common plumbing problems that people face and for which plumbers are called.

Memphis Plumbing Problem #1 – Leaky Pipes

There are a lot of leaky pipes in winters; however, leaking can take place any time of the year. Most of the pipes begin leaking near the joints. Water damage can be really costly, so better watch out for leaky pipes and get them fixed right away.

Memphis Plumbing Problem #2 – Dripping Faucets

Dripping faucets is one of the most common plumbing problems that all of our houses have but we usually tend to ignore it. Having dripping faucets not only wastes a lot of water but will also increase your water bill. Better call a plumber right away and get those dripping faucets fixed.

Memphis Plumbing Problem #3 – Running Toilet

One of the most occurring plumbing problems in our houses is running toilet. Do you know that you are wasting about 200 gallons of water in a day if you have a running toilet? That’s a lot of water. Having a running toilet not only wastes a lot of money but can also be the cause of internal water leakage. If you have a running toilet, call Memphis plumbing service right away to get it fixed.

Memphis Plumbing Problem #4 – Clogged Or Slow Drains

Do you face the problems of clogged or slow drains and have to wait for a long time before the water gets drained? Having a clogged or slow drain is also one of the many plumbing problems faced by everyone. It is important to keep your drains clean to avoid any clogs. And, if you have any, call a reputable plumbing service to fix the issue right away.

Memphis Plumbing Problem #5 – Low Water Pressure

Do you have low water pressure in your home too? A number of homes face this issue. It may be because you need a new shower head, or there might be some internal water leakage somewhere down in the pipes. There can be a number of reasons for low water pressure that only expert plumbing services can diagnose and fix.

If you have any of these Memphis plumbing problems, get in touch with us to schedule Memphis plumbing services right away.