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Very few things are more unpleasant than a bad functioning or broken air conditioner at the middle of the summer. It can definitely become a source of great nuisance and inconvenience for you and your family. This is why you need a reliable heating and air conditioning repair service that can provide you with a quick and efficient response.


When an air conditioner doesn’t cool, it can be due to multiple reasons, not only lack of power. Most people tend to think at this as the first option for which their air conditioner doesn’t work, but it’s not the only one. Moreover, everything about the “lack of power” issue has become in quite a myth and a way to scam people making them buy something that they don’t really need sometimes. Of course that it is one of the causes that can make an air conditioner not to work, but many times this happens because of other factors, because if the installation was made properly the first day, there is no reason for losing cooling unless a leak has taken place for any reason.

Some of the reasons why your air conditioner may not be working and you need to look for air conditioning repair services are:

  • Lack of freon: as said before, this is the most popular reason that people tend to think is happening every time their AC is not working. The lack of freon can happen because of a leak in the circuit, or because of an installation error. 
  • Start condenser: when one of the start condensers doesn’t work, whether if it’s in the ventilation fan or in the compressor, we will see that the interior unit works ok but does not cool at all. If this is happening, you should get in touch with a professional that can help you solve your problem. 
  • Dirty filters: when filters are dirty, the AC suffers a pressure decrease because the air is not circulating the way it should. On this case we can see that the equipment gets cooler (it can even freeze), but it doesn’t cool your home. The reason why this happens is simply lack of maintenance. If you get an expert to check on your AC on yearly basis (preferably just before the summer begins), you will not suffer this kind of problem. Another unpleasant consequence of dirty filters is that your air conditioner can also smell bad when it’s on. 
  • Dirty inner fan: if filters do not get periodically cleaned, the inner fan starts to accumulate small particles of dust and dirtiness. This dirtiness starts to block the cracks of the fan, affecting the air flow and not allowing the AC to work properly. As this is a consequence of dirty filters, it can also be avoided by periodically maintenance by an expert. 
  • Dirty exterior heat exchanger: when the exchanger gets blocked or starts to accumulate dirt, the gas pressure starts to go up, affecting the functioning of the air conditioner. This is a problem that happens on the exterior unit, but you can notice it on the interior if the AC doesn’t cool properly or if it just releases air at room temperature. 
  • Extremely high temperature on the exterior: as you may know, it is part of the air conditioner normal functioning to release warm air to the outside. This warm air is created due to the sub-cooling. To put in simple words, the machine needs to “steal” some warm to the cooler (gas). If the temperature on the exterior is extremely high, the sub-cooling does not occur. This problem tends to occur on high roofs or terraces on which the temperatures are too hot and the AC is located at a place without enough ventilation. If this is the case, you will need assistance of an expert who can try different proven methods for lowering the exterior temperature. 
  • Broken exterior or interior fan: the causes for this can be a malfunctioning condenser, broken fan blades, damaged fan engine, or simply a jammed fan. This problem won’t let your AC work, and you will need professional assistance in order to solve it. 
  • Remote control configuration: this reason is usually underestimated but it’s actually the main cause for not working air conditioners! We have to make sure that the equipment is set on the right functioning mode. This means, if we are in summer, we need to set it on cool. The standard symbol for “cool” in most air conditioners is a snow flake. Once it is correctly set, we need to wait, since it takes some time since we give the order with the remote until the AC actually begins to cool. It usually takes from 3 to 10 minutes for this to happen, depending on the AC.


So, this is a guide to the most usual problems you can have with your AC. Now that you know a bit more about this, you can probably detect what is going on if your air conditioner is not working, and you also know the importance of getting someone to perform maintenance duties periodically. But, who should you call for that? Well, nowadays there are several companies that count with a large amount of experts on the field that can provide you with maintenance duties, as well as solving your problems once they occur. Early diagnosis is very important when a problem occurs, since it can prevent it from becoming a major problem, so it’s necessary to count on a reliable and reputable company whenever you need an air conditioning repair. For example, if you live in the Memphis area, one of the best air conditioning repair services company is Memphis Hvac & Plumbing, which takes immediate response to home calls and provides competitive prices and expert assistance.