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Memphis heater repair services come in handy when cool weather in fall and winter beckons. You can have your heating systems repaired for a known problem or inspected for any unknown problems. Furnaces have certain common problems whether they are installed in residential or commercial properties.

With knowledge of the most common issues that call for furnace repair, you can prevent them from occurring by putting proactive measures in place or easily getting them fixed before the cold season arrives. Here are the top furnace problems you need to know about.

Top 10 Common Furnace Heating Problems

Dirty Filters

Air filters can easily be clogged with dirt, impeding flow of air. This affects air circulation in the furnace, causing it to experience difficulties in air flow. Limit switches, responsible for fan control, can easily get damaged when your furnace’s air filter clogs.

Malfunctioned Thermostat

When a furnace thermostat malfunctions or becomes faulty, your comfort levels are affected because of fan issues that ensue.

Lack of Furnace Maintenance

Furnaces require maintenance and inspections to be scheduled at least once a year. This measure is aimed at preventing sudden furnace issues and breakdowns. You are also able to uncover underlying issues that might exist. Routine inspections and maintenance services also improve the reliability and efficiency of your heating systems.

Total Furnace Heating Failure

Power, thermostat setting, pilot light and gas issues can cause your furnace to stop heating completely.

Partial Furnace Heating

If you install a furnace of the wrong size or have one with a clogged air filter, you’re bound to experience partial heating. It takes a good heating repair service to overcome this issue.

Wear and Tear

Furnaces normally experience wear and tear. This can lead to overheating, issues related to controlling heat and airflow problems.

Continuous Blower Runs

Issues with the blower are attributed to limit switch problems. A faulty blower commonly runs continuously. Seek the services of a professional Memphis heating contractor to help fix issues with your blower.

Problems with Pilot Control and Electric Ignition

When your furnace’s pilot control or electric ignition is faulty, it becomes hard to heat your commercial or residential property. Pilot light failure is attributed to clogs or drafts in the air filter and issues with the thermocouple of your heating system.

Noisy Furnace

It is not normal for a furnace to squeak, rumble or even rattle. Any weird sounds from your furnace are an indication of reduced airflow, a mechanical issue or even a clogged burner.

Frequent ‘On’/’Off’ Cycling Modes

Poor flow of air, a clogged filter or a malfunctioned thermostat setting can cause your furnace to frequently cycle between the ‘on’ and ‘off’ operation modes.

9 Tips for Furnace Repair and Maintenance

Draft Reduction

Close doors and windows if the furnace pilot light is affected by draft. By closing doors and windows, you reduce draft.

Changing Air Filters

Many furnace issues result from dirty or clogged air filters. Read and follow the manufacturer’s advice on how to care for the air filter. If possible, clean them at least once a month or get them replaced. A heating repair professional can also direct you on how to go about replacing the air filters.

Furnace Installation

A Memphis heating contractor can help you choose the right furnace type and size for your commercial or residential property. The services of a broken heater repair company come in handy whether you want to replace an existing furnace or install a new one.

Issues with Propane or Natural Gas

The gas pressure regulator of your furnace can malfunction, leading to valve or gas feed issues. Hire the services of a Memphis heater repair service provider if you suspect that your furnace has any such issues.

Thermostat Inspection

Inspect your furnace’s thermostat battery level if your heater isn’t functioning properly and producing heat. Replacing the thermostat battery works for some furnace models.

A furnace fan runs continuously when set in the ‘low,’ ‘on,’ ‘high’ or ‘medium’ modes. Set the fan in the ‘auto’ mode for the furnace to function properly. Inspect the thermostat for proper settings if your furnace frequently cycles or blower fan fails to go off.

The thermostat setting should be on the ‘heat’ mode for your furnace to produce sufficient heat. If not, check that this setting is proper. Also ensure that the temperature setting of the furnace is higher than that of your prevailing room temperature.

If none of these tips work, it’s time to replace the malfunctioned thermostat. Buy a thermostat that’s compatible with the capacity and capability of your furnace to avoid incompatibility issues in the future.

Mechanical Problems

Mechanical furnace problems such as wear and tear need the services of a professional Memphis heating contractor. Don’t work on mechanical issues unless you have proper furnace repair training. This ensures that you neither cause a serious issue accidentally nor render your furnace warranty null and void.

Memphis Heater Repair and Maintenance

Hire a heating repair professional at the start of fall or end of summer, at least once a year, to inspect your furnace for repair and maintenance services. The professional gets to fix any issues detected that could cause your furnace to breakdown or lead to costly repairs during the cold season.

Pilot Light and Ignition Control Issues

Ignition issues might result from faulty electrical parts or clogged air filters. Therefore, let a professional heating repair company fix such issues.

Power Supply and Circuit Breaker Inspection

A blank thermostat screen or malfunctioned furnace can be caused when a fuse blows up or circuit breaker trips. Ensure that the furnace power cord is properly plugged into the power outlet.

When to Hire a Furnace Repair Professional

Always hire the services of a professional when your furnace malfunctions or exhibits any of the common problems discussed in this article. Gas or combustion issues pose safety hazards. 

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